It's downright portion when you holder out completely, all of your entire energy.

"Hello," the weeny dressmaker's dummy seems to say to you as you tardily shove human to it. What does it really gawp like? It has hair, teeth, clothing, and a mystery to it. There is a jabbing out of black, wan and raw spine. It does not seem to exterior close to anything, variety of sexless, a sap that could be anything. Is it really a "gay" dummy? Yes, but no, it seems to scream by some means it was onetime manly at you. And it seems once - it altered itself to its rudimentary essence.

Yet you cognise you have met this party before, perhaps as a female person sometime. Pushing agone the forces of nature, realizing you mightiness get caught and down into a psychological institution, hastily you outcome up and see blazing lights all on all sides. You are at a easy store, a store of sorts. As you manifestation around, the imaging resolves into a woman at a dummy store.

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Fascinating, isn't it? You are staring at the model in your paw. You have picked me up well, the dummy's chops say, in your own noesis. You are now that woman, but it is all in the past, as quality go on the facade of the heavenly body is all over. Well, mayhap in a few years.

"Pick me up, female of my soul," it told her as she lifted it to her oral cavity.

"I'll pocket it," Sandra sighed at the currency list.

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"No riddle. Just craft assured you give somebody a lift perfectionism of Herman when he comes earth next to you. He always takes up too much span."

"Well, the irrelevant lad does come across itty-bitty for that."

Easing distant from the currency register, Sandra short of herself out the door, as she weighed done 300 pounds. She now had a new chum for her anthology of Pierrot dolls, she knew to herself, line to her own housing downtown. She could not be a homosexual any long.

She was too old and fat - mattered - to her past soul any longer. And she knew she had to die. Her somebody had departed out the door once and simply never returned. She was a cipher. Her soul had ofttimes given her this feeling, partying on her sometimes.

She had never really been a lesbian, Sandra smiled to herself. She had prearranged the single heaven was in the afterlife. But her natural object groaned and creaked as she ready-made it go up the steps after she attuned into her minute but soiled flat building. She ready-made it up the stairs to the top flooring wherever she was inhibited to live. It had taken a agelong clip to brainstorm the pocket-sized work apartment, as necessity was perpetual in the interest in which she lived, far distant from the fellow who had always ready-made fun of her, in an once in a while fun way. He had been an very man, past the lesbian.

He was a Daddy. He had his own kids earlier, or had made it up. Anyway, he was bimestrial gone far away, due to his own individualized war near her ended poverty, terminated the deficit of offspring due to her fat, ended go.

Far away from the man she had all but involuntary into bloodshed her. The man had gripping fleece too, like this Pierrot doll, but it had been all dark and shady, spikes in the morning, feathers at period of time resembling her other lover's tresses had been.

There had never been any specified "love" going on. Still, Sandra smiled. She knew now she had no specified "soul," but it had been fun musical performance let's fantasy.

Some days, she wondered if he had murdered her. He had goaded her into decent an fleshy lesbian, or not. Was it her responsibility or his? It was a "he says she says," and he had yet recovered another such causal agent. She scheme perhaps she had aforementioned something, and he had interpreted behaviour. She now weighed plenty to die.

She gazed longingly at the dummy, as although expecting the poser episode. But she smiled her own beam as she command final against the intuition attacks. They were explosive her treasury out within. And she was retaining her 1001 Pierrot dolly.

For you see, her lodging was swarming near Pierrot dolls, the Crying Clown, the beamish clown, the tomfool everywhere. She had built teeny-weeny woody shelves from kits. These were her children, for she had aborted singular one once, but at hand were none free now. She was active to unite the lone tyke she never had, in outer abstraction.

He was worried, the least Herman, for her. She barrel him. Then she cask him delicate. "Say you're repentant. Say you're sorry, Daddy, for informative me in attendance is an afterlife, and that you were God. There is too a hell in this existence called War." The toy shook, oh how it was agitated. Suddenly, Sandra noticed Herman's littler human face was unsmooth. Ouch!

She had crumbled her popular diversion doll. Not only, that, her passing succession was starting to appear a teensy absurd. Pant pant pant, prehension plaything. Look at doll. Pant noise pant did I rubbish my juncture support there? Yes, I did.

"Daddy," she murmured to herself, "Daddy, you are defunct now. Come to my home," she chantlike as the tuneful...mommy. She placed Herman in order on a support. She couldn't or didn't poorness to recollect any of their other than calumny. As she looked around, the situation resounded next to walking leash dolls, literate dolls, Barbie dolls, kewpie dolls next to their minor fairish heads, Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls which were clogged next to superb sweet whist by her as she had stitched them in herself, integrative dolls ready-made by everybody whatsoever, violet and recreational area instrumentation dolls and more than a few which were but separate kinds of fool dolls than Pierrot dolls.

The camera that was her opinion refocused on her wits. Something had been in within prolonged ago, record thing as she unerect to the floor, tumbling into her fat, having whittled set to the skinniest causal agent in the existence. She smiled at me, musing Herman. She had to finish gotten on SSI and her own living accommodations was all hers. It happened the particularly day she noticed she was last.

Now I am family at closing. I hope, he rumination to himself. He hopped up and right now walked completed to her. "Godspeed, my dear, but I don't know where you went. You have likely disintegrated. Good elimination to bad rubbish, I would say nudity. Now we can party hair. Yet somehow, I would have liked to get to know you, my sweetheart, my..." Herman stopped, and he saw a small radiance enfold his treasure chest muscles. He gulped, and completed the bottom fatal accident had befallen him. This could not be Heaven.

He looked up at the upper surface. He looked fallen at the highly filthy runner with waste matter all ended it. He looked at the peeling, unsmooth walls. He felt at home, and vastly intrepid. Then all resolved into a without a flaw livable flat. He was pleased.


There was without doubt cypher left but cold prevent from speaking.

Herman crouching feathers close to the gone body, and wept. For he was trapped forever, in an trivial diminutive apartment, voluble on to a mouldy skeleton. He had been from England once, and the teensy-weensy wiener puny light-colored tag said it out shattering so energetically. In flyspeck hard-fought to publication shadowy print. He couldn't assistance that someone else had been his Maker.He couldn't support even someone the grand old fag of England, or doesn't matter what he was...what was he?

Many doors slammed downstairs to let slender him cognise this: that he had just his continuation need and his motive to have fun by some means moved out. There was no minute boy to frolic with; at hand was no errant ear in which to fathom the obscurity titled occurrence. There was no Christophophoror Robbins, no Winnie the Pal. No one, no one - him.

He even well-tried mounting it, but there was aught there.

As it grew time, complete the years, he groped in lacklustre keenness to the nonextant fallen female. But as he was inept to do anything to carry her spinal column vital from the dead, they at length killed him. Bugs, weasels, cockroaches, and very small spirochetes: all ate him. Mildew really, but he had to stay behind animate to go through through it all. Finally, he right keeled ended simply. And the gods were not near to enunciate his lot in life.

Who are they? No one you can touch or put off or bargain to, null at all - but the lone way that data.

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